ADVANCE NOTICE – Plant Collection on site

Monday 22 November 2021 

We are expecting a collection of plant from site next week. The HGV will be on site on the following dates and times. Whilst we’ll ensure best practicable means are implemented to minimise noise levels for our neighbours, we do expect there to be some noise as the plant tracks onto the back of the HGV.

  • Saturday 27 November 0600 Gate 1
  • Saturday 27 November 0700 Gate 4
  • Monday 29 November 1900 Gate 1
  • Tuesday 30 November 1900 Gate 1

Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused by this activity and thank you for bearing with us. Should you need to get in touch, our dedicated 24 hour contact number and email address is 07395 792 302 /

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Construction Phases

When the shopping centre closed on the 24th September 2020 the site was secured and Heras fencing was erected.

The access route through the site is closed from the overground station and pedestrians are to follow the enhanced pavement route along Elephant Road for access between the Rail and Northern/Bakerloo Line Underground stations.

The deconstruction works commenced in October 2020 with the erection of a more substantial site hoarding. This hoarding will contain a number of dedicated vehicular access gates that will transition through 7 logistics phases during all works on site.

Click on each phase image to see a larger version, drag along to see all 7 phases.

  • PHASE 1

    PHASE 1: JULY 2020 - OCTOBER 2020

  • PHASE 2

    PHASE 2: AUTUMN 2020 - AUTUMN 2021

  • PHASE 3

    PHASE 3: AUTUMN 2021 - SUMMER 2022

  • PHASE 4

    PHASE 4: SUMMER 2022 - AUTUMN 2022

  • PHASE 5

    PHASE 5: WINTER 2022 - AUTUMN 2025

  • PHASE 6

    PHASE 6: AUTUMN 2024

  • PHASE 7

    PHASE 7: AUTUMN 2025

Job Opportunities

Both Keltbray and Multiplex are highly motivated and focused on providing local people with employment and upskilling. During the development, a number of opportunities will be created and these will include apprenticeships, new entrant positions, short courses and work experience placements. As well as supporting a variety of educational activities with local schools, colleges and universities.

Email for more information.

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