30.06.2020 Elephant Road – Pavement resurfacing and widening works

We will be making necessary improvements to Elephant Road over the next seven weeks ahead of the closure of the shopping centre on 24 September 2020. This is in preparation for the increased volume of footfall expected when the shopping centre closes, as pedestrians leaving the station will no longer be able to exit via the shopping centre and will use Elephant Road.

The works will be completed in two phases, involving:

  • The first phase will see the widening and resurfacing of the Western section of the footpath towards New Kent road. This will commence on 15 July and take approximately 5 weeks, completing in mid-August.
  • The second phase will involve the East side towards Walworth Road, where the team will relocate the existing cross over to Castle Square. These works will be undertaken after the West side and will be completed by the 4 September.

Careys Civil Engineering has been selected to undertake the project as an experienced and Southwark Council approved highways contractor. We will be making every effort, along with the Careys’ team, to minimise the impact of the works. Access to the station, Elephant Central, all the of businesses on Elephant Road and the shopping centre will be maintained throughout and full vehicle access will remain.

Click here to see a detailed plan of the works

If you have any issues, please contact our project team email address on info@elephantandcastletowncentre.co.uk.


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