25.03.2020 Elephant & Castle launches virtual Community Hub for self-isolated residents

The much-loved Elephant & Castle Community Hub based in the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, launches a virtual platform for all members of the community to continue participating in fitness, wellbeing, health, and arts & crafts classes, while being confined to their homes.

With classes ranging from yoga and mindfulness to baby music workshops, the virtual Community Hub which is being continually updated allows you to keep your mind and body active, all whilst maintaining the government-advised self-isolation.

It also features information on the essential services that are still open in the shopping centre and local area as well as ways to contribute and access community aid if you need it.

You can find out more about the virtual Community Hub here or follow them on Facebook @whatsonatelephant

If you’re interested in offering a virtual class on the Community Hub please contact info@elephantandcastletowncentre.co.uk


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