The beginning of 2021 has seen great progress on site with demolition work now well underway inside the former shopping centre, as well as structural demolition underway for the Charlie Chaplin pub and Coronet Theatre.

Demolition of the north of the shopping centre is due to commence next week and will be carried out by a high reach 360o demolition excavator that will be delivered to site on Saturday 1st May at 07:00 to Gate 1 which is situated on New Kent Road.

Due to the size of the excavator, it will be delivered to site under a Metropolitan Police Movement Order and whilst we’ll ensure best practicable means are implemented to minimise noise levels for our neighbours during the delivery, we do expect there to be some noise as it gets settled in.

One of our existing excavators also has to be moved from Gate 4 to Gate 1 on Tuesday 27th April after 19:00. The lorry will park on Elephant Road and the excavator will be loaded onto a lorry and taken to Gate 1 before being unloaded back onto site.

Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused by the delivery and thank you for bearing with us as we continue to make progress at pace on site.

Should you need to get in touch, our dedicated 24 hour contact number and email address is 07395 792 302 / elephantandcastle@keltbray.com.



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