Responding to feedback

Following feedback from members of the public, the council and other stakeholders, we have made a number of changes to the proposed town centre plans, these include commitments to:

  • Increasing the provision of social housing from 33 to 116
  • Homes being delivered for market rental will be guaranteed as such for 30 years – an increase of 50%
  • Not allowing construction vehicles to pass down the Southern section of Oswin Street
  • Funding a study to see if the parking permit only restrictions can be extended, following concerns voiced by some residents regarding weekend parking
  • Increasing our effort to support and communicate the offer of affordable space for businesses by hosting more individual and group meetings with current businesses in the Shopping Centre, as well as tours of the new relocation options
  • Employing a full-time bi-lingual Spanish speaker in the Community Engagement Centre
  • Identifying locations on both the east and west site for a space for shops, cafes and restaurants grouped close together, to allow small businesses to feed off each other
  • Re-designing Pastor Street and committing to creating a vibrant affordable, mixed–use commercial environment with rents at a discount to the town centre
  • Commitment to the delivery of additional temporary space for shops, cafes and restaurants on Castle Square with priority given to existing Shopping Centre businesses
  • Very happy it has come closer to a reality, I am looking forward to the end result. The future is bright!