Activity to date

Our initial proposals were the result of four years of what we truly believes shows dedicated work and extensive consultation. This involved two exhibitions attended by over 1,500 people, alongside workshops and public drop-in sessions.

Following concerns raised earlier this year, consultation recommenced in January 2018 on the revised proposals, and is currently ongoing with the local community and locally elected representatives.

As part of our continued consultation, a community engagement centre is open in the shopping centre with detailed information on the offer and latest round of revisions. This is open Tuesday 12pm – 3pm and Wednesday 12pm – 6pm, and is fully staffed by members of the project team, including a full time multi-lingual community engagement representative.

The centre will continue to remain open, and as the project involves may show different aspects of the scheme. It is currently displaying our new plans for Castle Square and our town centre proposals.

> We have also provided detailed and technical responses to all members of the public who have emailed the dedicated consultation address. If you wish to do so please email

Additionally, we have contacted all locally elected representatives – including those newly appointed following the local elections - and key stakeholders to discuss the proposals. This has resulted in over 30 face-to-face meetings where comprehensive dialogue to address any questions and concerns has taken place.

This has been done in conjunction with one on one, group meetings and tours with businesses in the shopping centre to discuss their relocation options. We have also held over 29 one on one conversations or meetings with our current businesses in the Shopping Centre.

London College of Communication (UAL) stakeholders have also been consulted following two information and Q&A sessions with staff and students from the university.

  • Hopefully the scheme gets approval and all residents of E&C can enjoy ‘the Elephant’ once again!