Inject creativity into learning with Siobhan Davies Dance

Investigative arts organisation, Siobhan Davies Dance, has released its latest ‘Extend It’ workshops. Aimed at primary school teachers, the workshops look at how to develop and structure dance with children and bring a little extra creativity to the classroom. The three ‘Extend It’ workshops, sponsored by Delancey, offer primary school teachers different practical approaches and adaptable methods to use dance as a creative tool for delivering curriculum subjects.

Rob Layton, teacher at Charlotte Sharman Primary School, said: “The project brought a real change in how I view dance and assess the children’s work. I began to appreciate the children’s creativity using movement rather than assessing their technical skills.”

The workshops follow the recent ‘Experience It - Growing Seasons’ performance, which saw 125 children from schools in Elephant & Castle and Nine Elms perform dances at The Scoop at More London, all responding to the theme of movement in the natural world.

The first workshop, ‘Extend It – Moving Nature: Movement & Science’ took place on Tuesday, 21 October, where dance was explored, alongside its links to living processes, materials and forces in nature. The next session is ‘Extend It – Position, Shapes & Angles: Movement & Maths’ on Tuesday, 11 November, where the focus is creating movement that supports pupils’ understanding of shape, space and measures. The final workshop is ‘Extend It – Moving Descriptions: Movement & English on Thursday’, 27 November, which is dedicated to using textures, sounds and shapes to create dance and generate descriptive writing.

The sessions aim to provide teachers with the expertise to plan, develop and choreograph dance with primary children. Teachers will also learn how to expand their pupils’ vocabulary while developing their questioning, listening and critical thinking skills.

As well as providing long-term support for this education programme based in Elephant & Castle, Delancey, is currently developing significant residential and retail plans in Elephant & Castle, to complement the wider regeneration strategy in the area. This includes the Elephant Road site and the redevelopment of the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, which will form the centrepiece for a new town centre destination, with high quality residential, retail, leisure and cultural amenities for Londoners.