Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre remains open

A Delancey spokesperson has said: “We are monitoring and actively managing the ongoing situation around COVID-19. Our commitment is to keep the Elephant & Castle shopping centre open through this period giving access to supermarkets, pharmacies and other essential services. We will do this for as long as statutory authorities permit us to.

In order to help to ease some of the financial impact of the ongoing public health situation will have on the shopping centre traders, we have waived rent and service charge payments for all independent traders. This discount will apply until closure of the shopping centre in July.

We are also working hard to support local charitable efforts to ease concerns over food supplies and isolation, as well as putting plans into place to ensure that our vital community hub project can continue to offer virtual interaction. will launch this week with online classes and a daily updated guide to those shops still open in and around the shopping centre. In addition, we have offered the NHS 70 spaces in the shopping centre car park, as well as vacant retail space for storage too. A number of other initiatives to help during these exceptional times are also being explored.

We can confirm that we continue to target the end of July this year for final closure of the centre ahead of redevelopment and want to maintain as much certainty as possible for our traders in these otherwise uncertain times. However, we must continue to monitor this closely against the evolving situation. We are continuing the delivery of Castle Square, being 11 weeks into a delivery programme to June this year and this must be complete before final closure. We will also be ensuring that essential food and pharmacy facilities remain available in Elephant & Castle should the current crisis remain unresolved in July.

Whilst we fully respect all parties’ rights to campaign, we would urge and ask them to refrain from seeking to generate controversy through the coronavirus when we and our traders are working sensitively and responsibly through the current situation. We continue to be happy to work constructively with all parties.”